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Catalog copy written for the Queen Anne End Table
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Well, I’ve just published two Internet copywriting reports, one stuffed full of amazing copywriting secrets, and the other stuffed full of powerful internet marketing words and words for headlines.

Of course I feel that these copywriting books are necessary to get great website marketing results, but there are several things that come first.

Let me share these with you now…

Before you can start writing powerful Internet copy...

You need to clear your head and get in touch with what are probably the most powerful marketing principles you can learn. Marketing principles that have served me well all these years…

You may have been told that you need to concentrate on your prospect, on what they want first.  No, it all starts with you… your attitude.

You need to be excited about
what you are doing...

Excited about your product or service! Remember, if you aren’t excited about what you are doing, your prospects won’t be either. And you can’t get someone to buy from you while you are putting them to sleep!

Enthusiasm is contagious. Most of selling is based on emotion. I don’t care if you have a business-to-business website, don’t fall into the trap of being stuffy. You still need emotion to sell no matter what you are selling and who you are selling to!

Over the years, I’ve written tons of copy for the Lifestyle Fascination Catalogs. Most of the products were great, electronic gadgets I would want to own, and I was always enthused with these products.

That Queen Anne End Table...

But I still remember the day I was sitting at my desk looking at the photo for the Queen Anne end table with a top that was a clock face. It seemed stupid, and looked impractical and downright ugly.

What was I to do? Wouldn’t everyone else seeing this product feel the same way too? OK, I had to put an extra effort into this one. Counter any possible objections. Find all the positives I could.

I played up the emotions with things like friends and neighbors being impressed with their good taste and the uniqueness of the product. I was able to turn my own attitude around so that I was enthused before I wrote the copy. By the way, they sold well!

Are you ready to sell?

I hate selling! I really feel that you can’t sell anyone! I hate to be sold, and I’m sure you feel the same way. Since we just agreed that we can’t really sell anyone, let’s stop selling and figure out how to get someone to buy our products and services!

Oh, I really hate salespeople knocking on my door or calling me on the phone. But I remember two that got through to me and made me almost susceptible to being sold something. One day someone knocked on my door and I was greeted by his cheery attitude as he introduced himself as “The friend I haven’t met yet!”

And then there was the phone call where the salesman started off being very friendly, like it was an old friend calling. By the time I realized it wasn’t an old friend, I was already in that “call from an old friend” mode and I was wide open to buying something. This guy was good and did a good job. You have to be sincere to pull this one off.

I used to publish a monthly newsletter on catalog marketing. A large number of catalog presidents, CEOs and top marketing managers paid $149 a year to subscribe and would look forward to reading it.

Of course it was stuffed full of marketing secrets, but it was also friendly. Sometimes they would stop to give me a call because they felt it was like calling an old friend.

Let me share a website marketing
secret with you...

When you write the copy for your website it is just like writing a sales letter. And the first principle of a sales letter, whether it is a direct mail letter, a letter from the president inside a catalog or you website copy, no matter how many are being mailed out, it is only going to be read by one person!

You have picture one person you are writing to and write like it is going to just one person. Discover the power of “one-to-one” marketing. If you start your sales letter out with “Dear Friends:” like most sales letters, you have the wrong mind-set. It should read “Dear Friend:”

The trick is to sell by not selling!

We need to come across as a friend. We do this by being friendly, using friendly emotional copy (How to write emotional copy is  covered in my new book, of course) that addresses their needs, not ours. Now that their defenses are down, we can relate on a one-to-one basis and show that we care about them. Then show how our products will meet their needs.

People like to buy from friends. Show them we are friendly, be helpful and show a photo of who they are dealing with so they know there’s a person standing behind the product.

Be someone they can relate to with your friendly copy, by showing you are a real person who cares about them and being sincere.

Once you have this concept of writing copy that has the feel of a letter from a friend you are ready to tighten it up with the powerful Internet copywriting secrets and words that are available in my two new copywriting reports.

Good luck my Website Marketing friend,

Gil Carlson

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Internet Copywriting Secrets
Internet Copywriting Secrets