Write “How To Headlines” Use these templates for powerful headlines!
Learn how to write How To headlines and increase your readership!

HOW-TO: Your readers want to know how to do things - how to get ahead, how to solve problems, how to enjoy life.

That’s what makes a HOW-TO so powerful! Try these headline templates to make your writing more powerful.

These are great for writing headlines in websites, articles, catalogs, direct mail, just about everywhere!

In each of the following HOW-TO phrases, complete the phrase with your own solution to the prospect's problem:

How to ________

How to get the most out of ______

How to get ______

How to avoid _____

How to have______

How to end ______

How to keep _____

How to get rid of _____

How to start_____

How to conquer _____

How to begin _____

How I _____

How to improve your _____

How I improved my _____

How to become _____

How to enjoy _____

How to develop _____

How you can _____

Not only will the wording of these templates help you to fit in your subject without wasting time with writer’s block, but they will also give you ideas for writing additional articles or blogs on different subjects.

Just relax as you look over these How To templates and let your mind wander. I’m sure you will be automatically filling in the templates with ideas and subjects that hadn’t occurred to you before!

Of course there are more headline examples, templates, power words and all the copywriting secrets possible that can be used for different circumstances and goals, and you’ll find the all in my new Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Secrets Book .

Gil Carlson

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"How to" Headline Templates
"How to" Headline Templates