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As a marketing consultant, I’m able to command large fees to implement my marketing secrets… But Now you can discover how all these Internet marketing secrets can be used for your website without paying high consulting fees!

I'll critique your website and mail you a bound report (They usually run around 14 pages)  that will contain powerful website marketing suggestions for your website, I will personally create Internet design and Internet copywriting examples and suggestions for your website as needed, whatever it takes to make your Internet marketing as profitable as possible!

Often a website contains major errors and omissions that prevent it from getting the response it needs. And just as deadly are the many small additions often left out of our websites as well as marketing that needs to be expertly tweaked ... I'll make sure you find out what is needed to enhance your website marketing!

Please don’t underestimate the quality and value of these website critiques, I don’t believe anyone offers anything close to what I produce, at any price. I put a lot of work into these. And I guarantee they will be worth many times the fee I charge.

I’ve spent 37 years creating extremely profitable direct mail and catalog companies. And as a marketing consultant I’ve been able to implement the many marketing secrets I’ve learned over the years.

Is your website all that it can be? Now you can get the website results you have been looking for with a critique of your website!
"I’m going to let you in on some website marketing secrets… Internet marketing secrets that will greatly increase your website response!"

"I’ve discovered a number of dynamite Internet marketing secrets… marketing secrets that will make sure all your website marketing efforts will succeed."
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I’ve spent 37 years discovering what works and helping companies get great results.
If you are interested, I'm prepared to create a critique of your website based on all the marketing secrets I've discovered.
I am not a website designer. I am not going after your website design business. There are a lot good companies out there that can do that for you.
But I will come up with ideas for design and layout that can be passed on to your website designer or used by you to make changes.
I'm not an expert on search engine optizimation, there many folks out there that live and breath SEO 24 hours a day.
But I will give you some great ideas for SEO based your particular situation.
I will give you a critique based on my years of experience, to find ways to maximize your response, to give you a website that sells!
Over the years I found that many ad, direct mail packages and catalogs were cold and mechanical. I worked with many of them to bring out their personality and the personality of those behind them. And adding all the necessary touches, that while many of these touches were small, they brought in great results!
By creating mailings that reached out to the reader, communicated with them on the right level, and hit the right hot buttons, I was able to guide them towards greater profitability!
What does this mean to you and your website?
I've found that websites are even more in need of this sell-ability than direct mail!
Most website designers mechanically put together websites following certain methods and standards, and many of them and SEO experts know how to send traffic to your website and how to track and perform all kinds of calculations.
But few of them understand how to get your website to reach out, website copywriting that sells, and what it takes to turn your website traffic into buyers and repeat buyers!
That's what I'm here for and I guarantee to help make your website a powerful salesperson!
Gil Carlson
Here’s just a few of the hundreds of companies that have been thrilled with my critique of their catalogs, direct mail and/or website:

International Wine Accessories, Antique Hardware & Home, The Wine Enthusiast, Carushka Bodywear, Service Merchandise, Harney & Sons Tea, JDR Microdevices, Nueske Hillcrest Farm, Rapids Restaurant & Bar Supply, American Wine Exchange, Lehman Hardware, Eastbay, Houghton Mifflin, The Sportsman’s Guide, Porter’s Camera Store, Sportime, Union Pen Company, Nutrition Warehouse, Floris of London, Yves Rocher and many, many more!
"The catalog you created for us really worked! This is the first time we made that much money from a summer catalog!"
--Carushka Jarecks, Carushka Inc.
"Your critique was great, the best money I’ve ever spent!"
--Will Geddes
Raymond Geddes & Company
"Thanks very much for your excellent critique. It was chock full of good, creative ideas, many of which I intend to use. Thanks again for your effort. I look forward to working with you again."
--George H. Wein
Select Information Exchange
"I hired Gil to redo my catalog, and I have nothing but great things to say about him. Gil has made me a hell of a lot of money!"
--Tim Judge
Antique Hardware & Home
I Guarantee it!
My critique must boost your results or email me in 60 days for a full refund!
Gil Carlson
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Please feel free to outline any info you think would be helpful for this critique, your marketing efforts, anything in particular you are looking to accomplish, direction you want to take, problem areas, or anything like that.

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