With 37 years of marketing under my belt, I realize just how important it is to write letters, ads, copy for catalogs and websites that’s powerful and gets results! And an important part of powerful writing is, of course, using the right words!

So I’m now opening up my Mail Order Millionaire Copy Writing Secrets book and I’ve pulled out a small snippet to share with you.

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BELIEVABILITY: I don’t care how attractive your offer is, if you don’t build believability into your ad, it won’t work. Try some of these to add believability…

Award winning

Established __ years

Founded in (year)

Over ___ thousand sold

If not delighted, just write cancel on bill

Money-back if you’re not delighted

Seal of approval

See before you buy

Take this test

What others say about__

Proven in laboratory tests

You risk nothing

Remember, words have power. Words can change minds. Words can make or break a marketing effort. Just learn how to use the right words in the right place.

Gil Carlson

P.S. there are more of these powerful phrases in my new book Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Words just in case you were wondering.
Add Believability
for your product
with these powerful time-honored phrases…

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